This is it!

Welcome to our new online store, born of the lockdown and our search for new routes to market!

Ever since we began producing our handblown glass products in the UK in 2010, we have always marketed our work through trusted retail partners--building a business based on our personal relationship with store owners and marketing our annual production line by attending large trade shows in far-flung cities such as London and Dublin.

However, we find ourselves being dragged into the 21st century by recent unfortunate circumstances and, rather than flail against the tide (our usual preferred strategy), have decided to embrace the possibilities of selling directly to the public through the new technologies that the internet and social media permit. 

So here we are, wandering through the pixels of a brave new world, wondering if this is really going to work.

Our touchstone remains the work and the process of making it, the very thing that drew us into the craft of glassblowing so many years ago. It connects us to the long global tradition of glassmaking through more than two centuries as we daily engage this molten goo with the same fire and iron tools that date back to the Roman era. Working without machinery or moulds, each piece that comes out of our studio is shaped by hand and reckoned by eye.

That continuity with the history of our craft is a daily dialogue that keeps us honest and, no matter how the route to markets evolve, guides us in the application of skill and ambition to this most protean of materials.

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